Community Mediation Ottawa (CMO) offers free mediation services to Ottawa residents. Our volunteer mediators offer confidential, impartial, conflict resolution services to two or more people who are having a disagreement. CMO can help participants resolve their immediate dispute as well as give them tools to manage future conflicts. Mediators assist participants in developing their own solutions to problems, thus creating longer-lasting agreements.

We can help resolve:

  • disagreements between neighbours, family members, friends and roommates;
  • workplace issues in non-profit organizations and among volunteers;
  • community issues;
  • minor commercial disputes (e.g., with a local store);
  • family issues of a non-legal nature, such as difficult decisions related to housing for aging parents or for couples who are separated, choosing the school their child is to attend.

CMO does not handle family issues such as divorce, separation, custody or estates. CMO also does not handle commercial disputes where significant sums of money are involved.

Community Mediation Ottawa also offers workshops on handling conflicts, targeted to community and non-profit organizations.


Why use community mediation?

Seeking outside help to deal with a difficult situation is never an easy step. Community Mediation Ottawa recognizes this, and offers the community a safe, confidential, voluntary and no-cost facilitated conversation to help people work through disputes.

Contact us for further information, to request a presentation about our services, or to book an appointment.

Telephone: (613) 235-5800 ext. 6455 or 1-866-684-2427 ext. 6455


Mailing Address:

Community Mediation Ottawa
c/o Saint Paul University
223 Main Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 1C4