Community Mediation Ottawa offers free conflict resolution services (mediation, workshops, coaching and facilitation) in Ottawa to individuals, groups and organizations who find themselves at an impasse and would like help to resolve their conflict or would like to be better equipped to handle conflict when it arises in their life.


We create an enabled, transformed community that is skilled in dealing with conflict so that the needs of the people in conflict are met. CMO will be recognized as the place to go in Ottawa for leadership in dealing with conflict in a community.

Mission Statement
We offer quality services that help people resolve conflicts in a way that meets the needs of all. We build capacity through transferring knowledge of conflict resolution skills.


  • We follow the standards set by the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition (OCMC)
  • We have a client focus, responding to client needs
  • We develop and maintain high skill levels to provide high quality services
  • Our services will reflect the diversity of the Ottawa population and be inclusive of all.



Community Mediation Ottawa operates due to the generosity of The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. CICR has been involved in the field of conflict resolution nationally and internationally for 25 years. Community Mediation Ottawa welcomes donations and partnership agreements.


Community Mediation Ottawa’s Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the growth and sustainability of the service, developing policies, building a volunteer base, generating internal and external communications, building partnerships in the community and acting as the “face” for the service in the community.

Steering Committee members serve for one-year, renewable terms. As there are no paid staff, Committee members are actively involved in the work of the organization, including organizational policy development and administration, developing and facilitating training programs and workshops, undertaking outreach as well as serving as mediators.

Steering Committee – Members

Maggie Daly

Matt Schaaf

Seema Shah

Rukiya Mohamed

Lorna Lemay

Jan Michaels (Outgoing Chair)

Pamela Power

Brenna Rivier

Monique Newton (Incoming Chair)


CMO has a part time Director:

Lorna Lemay




 Background of our CMO Conflict Coaches

Our coaches come from various professional backgrounds.  They are professors/teachers, nurses, facilitators, federal, provincial and municipal public servants, human resource and military professionals, labour relations and union advisers, community justice workers, mediators, working for private companies, consultants and professional coaches.

Les compétences de nos coachs en matière de conflit  à l’MCO

Les coachs viennent de divers milieux professionnels.  Parmi ceux-ci, nous comptons  des professeurs,  des enseignants, des infirmières, des animateurs, des fonctionnaires aux niveaux fédéral, provincial et municipal, des professionnels en ressources humaines, du personnel militaire,  des conseillers en relations du travail et avec les syndicats, des travailleurs en justice communautaire, des médiateurs, des employés des  entreprises privées, des conseillers et des coachs professionnels.