Brenna came to Community Mediation Ottawa as a result of her longstanding commitment to building community at a grassroots level. Having lived in Ottawa for much of her life she has observed firsthand the negative impacts conflicts that arise in communities can bring to their social fabric. She is a past president of the Hintonburg Community Association and took a lead role in organizing residents around safety issues working collaboratively with the Ottawa Police Service. She has also worked with antipoverty groups, currently volunteers at the Parkdale Food Centre and other non-profit organizations taking up Director roles on community Boards. Many will recognize her as a musician active in the local music scene and the artistic director of the now defunct Women’s Voices music festival.

Brenna’s professional life has included radio announcer, sound and light technician, child care provider and English as a second teacher while living in Japan and traveling extensively in the Far East. Currently she is a Federal Public Servant working for the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Brenna Rivier