Interested in volunteering with us?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Community Mediation Ottawa. As an entirely volunteer-based organization, we work together to support the Ottawa community. We maintain a roster of volunteer community mediators and welcome volunteers in a number of other areas. We are also open to providing internship and placement opportunities with educational institutions.

Details on various volunteer roles are below.

Community Mediator

Community Mediators work with clients in the community. All of our mediators have community mediation training and have been through a mentoring process. We assign two mediators to every mediation process.

Community Mediator – Selection Process

We select experienced volunteer mediators that reflect our Ottawa community. To serve Ottawa’s diverse population, we seek volunteers from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, with the ability to speak a variety of languages, especially English and French, of different ages, sexual orientations, and professional backgrounds. We select mediators who are interested in contributing to the Ottawa community by volunteering their time in a variety of ways. We are developing skills and administrative assessment process that will be used to place people on the roster. As the size of our roster is limited, Community Mediation Ottawa reserves the right to add people to the roster as needed and to remove a mediator from the roster at any time based on the needs of our community.

Community Mediation Ottawa requires all mediators on its roster to attend a 21-hour training program, focusing on the community mediation model endorsed by the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition. If you have completed equivalent training elsewhere, please contact us to discuss the details.

Following the completion of the training program, new mediators will be helped to further develop their skills when they attend our monthly role-play/training events, where our experienced mediators provide coaching and mentoring. CMO strives to help the community mediation community and its clients build the capacity to work through conflicts. Recent graduates in conflict resolution seeking direct mediation experience are encouraged to explore additional avenues; the CMO program is not designed to offer sufficient mediation experience for new mediators to embark on a career.

Volunteering other skills and expertise

We are always interested in hearing from potential volunteers with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Workshop training
  • Coaching
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • Group facilitation
  • Fundraising
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Website administration/IT
  • Event planning
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Other

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.


Occasionally, Community Mediation Ottawa will consider an unpaid internship for students in post-secondary education programs. Please contact us for details at or 613-235-5800 ext. 6455

Support CMO/Donations

CMO is a program of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution and benefits from access to its services. For individuals who may not be in a position to volunteer their time, but who wish to support our work, please consider joining CICR or making a donation here.